Hey Everyone,

Due to the worldwide coronavirus epidemic, I’m making a few changes to the Scripts & Scribes Podcast. I have a couple pre-recorded episodes left of the podcast that will be released in the coming weeks. Then the podcast will go on a temporary hiatus.

In its place, I will be doing a new podcast called the Scripts & Scribes Social in hopes that we can keep each other connected through this difficult time. This self quarantining has many of us more isolated and left to our own thoughts than ever and it’s our hope that maybe these conversations might make your day just a tiny bit more enjoyable.

If you’re feeling a little isolated or anxious, it’s a good idea to reach out to your friends or family or perhaps take the time to rekindle friendships and long lost social connections in your life. But if you find yourself with some down time and feel like a little writerly conversation, then look no further.

Welcome to The Scripts & Scribes social. Let’s ride through this storm together!


All new episodes will be posted below:

Scripts & Scribes Social #1 w/ Hollie Overton (writer/producer CBS’ TELL ME A STORY, Freeform’s SHADOWHUNTERS, bestselling author BABY DOLL, THE RUNAWAY): We chat yoga, meditation, speed reading, keeping fit and being productive and creative while social distancing in daily life with Hollie Overton.

Scripts & Scribes Social #2 w/ J. Holtham (writer/producer SUPERGIRL, JESSICA JONES, CLOAK & DAGGER): We chat Star Trek, playing tabletop RPG’s online, breaking down your day while self isolating and what it’s like to work in a virtual writers’ room.

Scripts & Scribes Social #3 w/ Mickey Fisher (writer/producer EXTANT, REVERIE, THE STRAIN, MARS): We chat with Mickey Fisher about hiking and spending time in nature, pizza making and working in a TV show “mini-room.”

Scripts & Scribes Social #4 w/ Andrew Zuber (writer Freeform’s STITCHERS, Nickelodeon’s RBUK): We chat about magic, Harry Styles and share top secret details about writing on Arcane, the new League of Legends TV series (not really).

Scripts & Scribes Social #5 w/ Emma Dudley (writer Dreamworks TV’s FAST & FURIOUS: SPY RACERS, 2018 Sundance Institute Fellow): We chat how working as a PA in costumes led to her current writing gig, how she stays productive (and sane) living in close quarters with roommates, why her boyfriend doesn’t require any TP at all and more!

Scripts & Scribes Social #6 w/ Amy Thurlow (writer and veteran Writer’s Asst, Script Coordinator, Showrunner’s Asst and WPA on shows such as GOSSIP GIRL, KRYPTON and SLEEPY HOLLOW): We talk about the different roles of various assistant and coordinator positions in the TV  writers’ room, how she fights off procrastination, possibly converting her living room to a makeshift coffee shop in the new era of coronavirus and more.

Scripts & Scribes Social #7 w/ Mark Blutman & John Keim We chat with veteran TV writer/producer/director Mark Blutman (BOY MEETS WORLD, GIRL MEETS WORLD, GHOST WRITER) and ESPN writer/reporter John Keim to chat what it’s like working during the self isolation, gourmet quarantine dining PBJ straight from the jar, the best sports movies of all time and much more.

Scripts & Scribes Social #8 w/ Jamie Nash: We chat with with screenwriter Jamie Nash (V/H/S 2,  Nickelodeon’s SANTA HUNTERS, THE DETOURIST for Amazon Studios): We talk about working as a screenwriter from outside of Los Angeles, what goes into a “general” meeting and tips for your first, we list the best horror and holiday movies and much more.

Scripts & Scribes Social #9 w/ Brenden Gallagher:  We chat with newly minted TV staff writer Brenden Gallagher and former writers’ and showrunner’s assistant (REVENGE, WARRIOR NUN) about how he landed his first staff writer position, advice for screenwriters interested in writing for TV, how you can figure out if a showrunner is the type who promotes from within and much more.

Scripts & Scribes Social #10 w/ Aaron Wiener:  We chat with TV writer  & veteran support staffer Aaron Wiener (SYDNEY TO THE MAX, REVENGE, AP BIO) and he discusses his path from Florida to the writers’ room, writing and working in comedy vs drama and more!  and much more.

Scripts & Scribes Social #11 w/ Mike Green:  We chat with the Australian screenwriter/director of OUTBACK, Mike Green about how he financed his first feature film, shot a whole movie in ten days, managed to get distribution from Lionsgate and much more.

Scripts & Scribes Social #12 w/ Daniel Seco:  We chat with lit manager and producer Daniel Seco of Schemers Entertainment about how the coronavirus pandemic and industry shutdown has affected his clients, go over a bunch of loglines and offer feedback and suggestions on how to improve them.

Scripts & Scribes Social #13 w/ Christopher Lockhart:  We chat with Christopher Lockhart of WME all about loglines! What they’re use for and why they’re important? What makes a good one? And we break down and evaluate a handful of submitted loglines and offer critiques.

Scripts & Scribes Social #14 w/ Scott Carr:  We chat with lit manager and producer Scott Carr about when Hollywood will be back up and running again and what it will look like, how he and his clients are operating in the time of Covid-19 and we break down and evaluate some more loglines in-depth.


Note: Why are these episodes on the Patreon??? Don’t worry. You don’t have to sign up or pay anything to listen to these episodes.  As I mentioned here (<-click me!), hosting the audio files on a server costs money and we get a limited amount of space on those servers for that money per month and if we go over it, it costs more money. Like those old cell phone plans where you got 400 minutes and if you went over, they billed you extra and your parents got mad at you for doubling the cell phone bill. Yeah, it’s like that. Posting a new podcast every day would cost a lot more money. But Patreon lets us post unlimited podcast episodes at no coast and we can release them to you for free, so we’re doing it that way. And yes, there are some unScripted episodes on there for Patreon donors, but we have released many of those for free as well, so you’ve got a bunch of new content to listen to during this time. Enjoy!



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