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Our Generous Patreon Donors:

With their help, we can continue to provide Scripts & Scribes for the benefit of all writers.  Thank you for your support!

If you’re interested in helping keep the Scripts & Scribes podcast and community alive (and get some cool bonuses!), feel free to check out our Patreon:


Matthew Bryan (since April 2020)

S. Rhalin (since March 2020)


Kevin Wolfe (since May 2020)


V.Y. Bars (since April 2020)

Matt Lombardo (since April 2020)

Ron Peer (since May 2020)


Denora Boone (since June 2020)

Gianluca Cosentino (since April 2020)

Marco North (since March 2020)

Brendon Udy (since April 2020)

Cathy Yonek (since April 2020)


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