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Interviews – The entire catalog of interviews.

About Us – The staff and policies of Scripts & Scribes.

Contact Us – Need to reach someone at S&S?  Try here.

Quotes – Page of inspirational quotes for aspiring writers.


Books & Novels:

Author Interviews – Interviews with best selling and indie authors.

Agent Interviews – Interviews with literary agents.

Editors & Publishing Interviews – Interviews with editors and other publishing professionals.

Novelist FAQ – Need a starting point?  Look no further than our FAQ for aspiring novelists.

Agency List – Brief list of reputable literary agencies.

Links – List of valuable websites for writers.


Comic Books:

Comic Book Writer Interviews – Interviews with top comic book writers and creators.

Editor Interviews – Interviews with comic book editors.

Comic Book Writer FAQ – Want to write for comic books?  Check out our FAQ here.

Comic Book Submissions – Only a few comic book publishers accept submissions online.  Here is a list of some of those that do.

Sample Scripts – Even though there is no industry standard for comic book scripts, here are some sample scripts from top comic book writers.

Links – List of important comic book industry websites.



Playwright Interviews – Interviews with established and award-winning playwrights.

 Playwright FAQ – New to writing plays?  Here you will find some great starting info.

Agency List – Basic list of agencies that represent playwrights.

Links – List of useful websites for playwrights.



Screenwriter Interviews – Interviews with veteran, A-List and up-and-coming screenwriters and TV writers and producers.

Agent/Manager Interviews – Interviews with top lit agents and managers.

Screenwriter FAQ – Just getting started in your screenwriting career and have a few questions?  Start here.

Agency List – Basic contact list of established literary agencies.

Manager List – Basic contact list of reputable management companies.

Sample Screenplays – Any good writer is a good reader.  Here are some great screenplays for your reading pleasure.  Posted for informational/educational purposes only.

Screenplay Registration – Need to copyright or register your latest masterpiece, but not sure how?  Here are the basics.

Links – List of some of the most relevant and informational websites on the entertainment industry.


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