I created Scripts & Scribes in 2012 to provide a way for writers to support, educate and connect with their fellow writers. Since then we’ve produced close to 200 episodes of the Scripts & Scribes podcast, established a website full of writing resources and information and encouraged thousands of writers from around the world – all without charging any writer a single penny.

In the past I’ve been approached by a number of different script analysis companies and screenplay competitions to partner with them, promoting and selling their products and services to writers but have always turned them down. While I feel we provide a valuable resource and community, I never wanted to charge writers or profit from them. I myself am a writer. I truly enjoy making Scripts & Scribes for all of us: to share our experiences, information and support as a community – and doing it for free. That will not change.

However, producing the podcast and website is expensive and time consuming. Equipment costs, website and server fees, podcast hosting all cost money and I have been personally paying these costs myself for the past eight years running – not to mention the thousands of hours of time I’ve spent creating all the content.  In the past couple of years, the costs have also nearly tripled, which is why I have decided to start a Patreon with the thought that maybe a few fellow writers who have found S&S useful in some way and have the ability to, may be willing to contribute to help support what we’ve built here.

If you cannot afford to donate to the cause, that’s totally okay! Your continued engagement of the site and podcast is still greatly appreciated.  (A five star rating on whatever podcast service you use to listen to S&S is ALSO much appreciated!) But if you do have the resources and desire to help Scripts & Scribes (and me), even with a dollar or two, you have my sincere gratitude.

There are a number of cool incentives on our Patreon for donors (our way of saying thank you for your kindness and generosity!), so please feel free to check them out, here:  https:/www.patreon.com/scriptsandscribes

I will, of course, happily and willingly carry on supporting Scripts & Scribes regardless and continue making the content that you’ve come to expect and (hopefully) enjoy. Again, thank you so much for being a part of the S&S community, reading the website, listening and sharing the podcast and remembering to always keep writing!




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