A list of some of our favorite screenwriting links:

IMDb – The Internet Movie Database is an amazing resource with detailed credits and information for nearly every creative in the industry.

JohnAugust.com – The Holy Grail of screenwriting blogs.  Prolific screenwriter John August offers some of the most informative and insightful commentary and advice on the craft and business of screenwriting.  Along with WGA board member, Craig Mazin, John also hosts a weekly podcast called Script Notes that all aspiring screenwriters should check out.

Wordplay – Academy Award nominated screenwriters, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio offer their tips to aspiring writers here.

Written By – The website for the magazine published by the WGAw has lots of interesting articles on screenwriting and screenwriters.

The Black List – Started in 2005, The Black List is an annual compilation of the most well “liked” unproduced screenplays of the past year.  Released every December, the scripts are voted on by over 300 studio executives and producers.

Deadline|Hollywood – Nikkie Finke’s news and gossip site is an invaluable source of of up-to-the-minute information on deals, signings and (important) gossip.  Breaking news updates happen fast and often here.  Love her or hate her, Nikke is unapologetically opinionated, but she has the goods (info) and often scoops everyone.

Variety – The industry standard trade publication since 1905.  Lots of the content is for paid subscribers only, but if you can afford it, it has all the latest information on the entertainment industry.  Bonus tip:  If you’re a frequent flyer you can occasionally purchase a subscription to Daily Variety (print version) with airline FF miles.  Check your frequent flyer accounts under “free magazine subscriptions” to see if it’s an option.  Availability varies and is for new, first-time subscribers only.

The Hollywood Reporter – Founded in 1930, THR has also been an industry staple as a trade publication. If you don’t have a subscription to Variety, you can find most of the same information at The Hollywood Reporter.

Thompson on Hollywood – Former Variety/THR/Entertainment Weekly editor, columnist and writer Anne Thompson’s site is also a great “breaking news” resource with tons of great information.

We’re always interested in good screenwriting websites to add to this list.  Feel free to submit a site if you think it merits addition to our list.  Thanks!


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