Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about  Epic Pictures CEO and co-founder, Patrick Ewald

1.  My first job was… working as an assistant to a producer and director in NYC.  Once I started to meet different filmmakers, they convinced me that I had to move to LA if I wanted to take a career in the business seriously.  I packed my bags and drove across the country in 3 days.  It took another year before I had another full time job.

2.  If I wasn’t a Hollywood executive, I would likely be… a therapist who would probably have more issues than his patients.

3.  I collect… contemporary art, watches, arts and crafts furniture.

4.  My favorite word is… it’s a 3 way tie between debauchery, sublime, and maverick.

5.  I’m a big fan of… mad geniuses who force positive change upon the world despite all odds.

6.  The single best piece of (screenwriting) advice I have ever given… make sure the first 10 pages are great because that’s about as far as an executive reads as long as he/she has coverage.

7.  I have always wanted to… sky dive.  I have had several offers but have never actually done it.

8.  The best thing I have ever read is… Where The Wild Things Are or 100 Years of Solitude.

9.  People often tell me that I… have a really wicked poker face but from my perspective, I just take my time getting to know people.

10.  If I could remake any film ever, I would want to remake… SPACE JAM.

11.  I find inspiration in… the scientific exploration of the unknown.

12.  The best thing about working in Hollywood is… it is a beautiful combination of creativity and finance.

13.  I spend way too much time… thinking about things that are way beyond my control.

14.  The smartest person in my cell phone is… Siri.  She knows the internet better than anyone.

15.  It really bothers me when… drivers don’t let me merge in the merge ramp on an LA freeway.

16.  The worst thing about working in Hollywood is… some people expect too much credit for too little work.

17.  One mistake that most aspiring screenwriters make is… writing about stories they don’t believe in.

18.  If I knew the apocalypse was coming in 24 hours, I’d… spend every minute with my family and watch the amazing fireworks show until the bitter end.

19.  The three websites I visit most often are… Deadline, The New York Times, The Huffington Post.

20.  You’d be surprised to know that I… have co-written several scripts that were optioned but never made, so I decided to become a producer and give writers a hard time.


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