Marla White – Script Consultant & Producer

Q:  Who is Marla White?
A: Marla is a television development executive with experience producing prime time series and award nominated television movies in multiple genres.

Q:  What has Marla done?
A: Marla most recently started to help writers create powerful pitches for their television series ideas as well as strengthen their scripts.  Though she’s only just begun teaching her pitching workshops, writers have raved, “Marla’s approach has changed the way I will pitch forever” and “She has incredible ideas, tremendous patience, and a true sense of character, tone, and place” while one client called her “a fun, hip, whip-smart fairy godmother.”  Before starting her own company, she helped writers who have gone on to win awards including one Nicholl Fellowship finalist.  It’s also been her pleasure, on select occasions, to work with novelists and be part of their publishing success.

The head of television for Emmy Award winning writer & producer Peter Tolan’s Fedora Entertainment for the past seven years, Marla was involved in numerous comedy and drama pitches being sold to networks and cable outlets.  She’s worked hands-on with writers through the pilot process and has been involved with the WGN hit show “Outsiders”, the Fox drama “Rake” and “Gaffigan” for TV Land.  Prior to that, she sold the television movie “Kings of South Beach” to A & E for legendary television producers Sonny Grosso & Larry Jacobson, and was involved in the development and production of several television movies for ABC, CBS, USA and HBO.

Q:  Where can I find Marla?
A:  Marla is on Twitter and you can learn more about her services at


20Q INTERVIEW with Marla White

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