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Ivan Brandon – Comic Book Writer

Q:  Who is Ivan Brandon?
A:  Ivan is a writer of comic books, video games and film, an editor and the founder and big boss man at Offset Comics.

Q:  What has Ivan written?
A: Ivan has written for most of the top comic book publishers in the industry including Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and IDW.  His work includes issues of Men of War, Doc Savage and Wolverine.  Ivan co-created Viking, Cross Bronx and NYC Mech and co-wrote and edited the Eisner nominated anthology, 24Seven.

Q:  Where can I find Ivan?
A:  Ivan is active on the Twitter-verse and has his own website.  You can also visit the web home of Offset Comics as well.


20Q INTERVIEW with Ivan Brandon

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about Men of War and Viking writer, Ivan Brandon. 



DC’s Men of War writer, Viking creator and founder/owner of Offset Comics, Ivan Brandon explains how he got his start as a comic book writer, talks about the DC comics home office move from NYC to Burbank, digital comics in the marketplace, his new publishing company Offset Comics and much more.


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