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Jay Faerber

Jay Faerber – Television and Comic Book Writer

Q:  Who is Jay Faerber?
A:  Jay is a writer and executive story editor on CBS’ drama series, Zoo.  He’s also the writer and creator of the Image Comics series Copperhead.

Q:  What has Jay written?
A: Jay has also written dozens of other comic books including X-Men, Green Lantern, Captain Universe and the Adventures of Superman.  He is also the creator of Noble Causes and Dynamo 5.  Jay’s other TV work includes the CW drama Star-Crossed and Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Q:  Where can I find Jay?
A:  Jay has a nifty website and is on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also check him out on IMDb and Wikipedia.


20Q INTERVIEW with Jay Faerber

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about Zoo and Copperhead scribe, Jay Faerber. 



We talk to Jay about getting started writing comics and transitioning into TV, what his writing process is like, his love of all things Stephen J. Cannell and much more.


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