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Jarrod Murray – Literary Manager/Producer, Epicenter

Q:  Who is Jarrod Murray?
A:  Jarrod is a literary manger, producer and partner at Epicenter Management and Production.

Q:  What has Jarrod done?
A:  Jarrod was a former creative exec at Adelstein Productions and head of development at PCH films before turning to representation in 2012, partnering with Allard Cantor as VP of Epicenter where he represents screenwriters and filmmakers in all media.  He’s also an alumni of Southern Miss and went on to study producing at AFI.

Q:  Where can I find Jarrod?
A:  Follow Jarrod on Twitter!  You can also visit Jarrod online at the Epicenter website, Twitter and Facebook pages.


unSCRIPTED PODCASTS with Jarrod Murray

Literary manager and producer Jarrod Murray on the unSCRIPTED Podcast.



Literary manager Jarrod Murray talks about where he finds new clients, the difficulty in breaking new writers, if calling a potential rep instead of emailing them is a good idea and much more.

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