The unSCRIPTED podcast is a little less structured and more casual than the Scripts & Scribes interview show, where we share some friendly banter with some of our industry pals, previous interview guests and even a few new ones.

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Episode List

Episode 29: Literary manager and producer Scott Carr talks about breaking in a writer who also has aspirations to direct, how he discovered screen writer/filmmaker Joe Miale on the internet and how they were able to get the feature film, REVOLT (released on November 17, 2017) financed and produced with a first time director at the helm.

Episode 28: Grown-ish writer/Co-Executive Producer and unSCRIPTED regular Craig Doyle makes his glorious return to the show to talk about the rise of single cam sitcoms and dearth of multi-cam shows, film and TV spin-offs and reboots, the exciting and fractured world of modern content distribution and much more.

Episode 27: WGA showrunner training programHumanitas New Voices and CBS Writers Mentoring Program Director Carole Kirschner returns to the show to give insights and advice about the fellowship application and interview process, chat a little about the potential WGA strike and tell us all about her new virtual workshop, Carole Kirschner’s Hollywood Bootcamp.

Episode 26: We talk to uber screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup about knowing when your script is ready to send out, working in the post-2008 WGA strike environment, industry trends and her new book.

Episode 25:  Literary manager and producer John Zaozirny of Bellevue Productions returns to the podcast for our 2016 Holiday Extravaganza End of the Year Blowout to talk all about making it as a screenwriter/TV writer including finding out what kind of writer you want to be, what you should focus on writing, what success as a writer means and much more.  Happy Holidays!  See you in 2017!

Episode 24:  Writer/executive producer/showrunner Trey Callaway returns to the podcast to talk about his new series APB (premiering February 6th 9/8c on Fox), the in’s and out’s of what goes on in a writers’ room, what aspiring TV writers should focus on (and avoid) in meetings, what it’s like shooting in Chicago during a Cubs World Series victory (their first in 108 years!) and much more.

Episode 23:  Literary manager and producer Scott Carr tells the entire story about how an exceptional query letter (and an amazing script, of course!) from a first time writer, Jonathan Perera (who was living in South Korea!) became the feature film (with a ton of Oscar buzz!) MISS SLOANE starring Jessica Chastain and directed by John Madden in our 2-hour chat-stravaganza.

Episode 22: NCIS: New Orleans writer and story editor, Greta Heinemann returns to the podcast to chat about how she came to the U.S. from Germany (and almost working for the Knitting Channel), her favorite part about shooting a show in New Orleans, things she learned from her first season on a TV writing staff and much more.

Episode 21: Top Cow president/COO and writer/producer Matt Hawkins makes his glorious return to the podcast to talk about the difficult challenge in finding work as a comic book writer and what samples should include/avoid, what makes the comic book medium special as a writer, advice when pitching a comic book to both publishers and film/TV producers and executives, developing his comic series Postal into a Hulu TV series and much more.

Episode 20: It’s our Halloween episode and we chat with SAW 3D and THE COLLECTOR filmmakers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton about budgetary considerations when writing genre horror scripts, what their favorite Halloween costumes they ever had, what’s up with all the creepy clowns trying to lure kids into the woods, what their latest film The Neighbor, which was the first spec script they sold — ten years ago, is all about and much more.

Episode 19:  The Great Indoors co-Executive Producer Craig Doyle comes back on to talk about having an open bar on set on Undateable, the process of consulting on pilot scripts before they are made, transitioning from shooting live scripted TV back to taped, his new gig on The Great Indoors and much more.

Episode 18:  Lit manager and producer at Bellevue Productions, John Zaozirny returns to talk about mapping out a career for his clients, finding (signing and developing) a client off the Black List website, writing “on brand”, creating your own opportunities and much more.

Episode 17:  NCIS: New Orleans showrunner Jeffrey Lieber talks about how he landed his first agent, some of the differences between writing for network, cable and streaming TV, what his writing process is like and much more.

Episode 16:  Supergirl and Revenge writer/producer Ted Sullivan talks about his comedy background, gives advice for staffing season, one of the biggest inspirations for his writing career (hint: it’s his brilliant writer cousin Mary Ellen Sullivan) and much more.

Episode 15:  Extant creator Mickey Fisher talks about what he learned getting his first network TV series on the air, going from indie filmmaker and playwright to TV writer/producer, his favorite episode of TV, what he bought with his first big paycheck and much more.

Episode 14:  New NCIS: New Orleans staff writer Greta Heinemann talks about what writers are asked in a staffing meeting, the first thing she did after booking a staff writer gig, what she’s learned being part of her first TV writing staff and much more.

Episode 13:  Rosewood writer and executive story editor Marqui Jackson talks about writing for medical and cop dramas and collaborating with consultants, working with difficult notes, diversity on writing staffs today, advice for newer writers on breaking in and much more.

Episode 12: Supergirl writer/producer Ted Sullivan returns to talk about what viewers can expect this season, how the show differs from the comics, what the steps are from breaking an episode to shooting it, how he landed on Supergirl and much more.

Episode 11: Lit manager, producer and VP of Epicenter, Jarrod Murray talks about TV development season, if writing a spec feature or pilot is best for new writers, his favorite new TV shows and shares his favorite Hollywood stories and much more.

Episode 10:  Lit manager and producer at Bellevue Productions, John Zaozirny talks about the benefits of having both an agent and manager, referrals vs. queries, logline basics and the danger of writing scripts that are “good enough” and much more.

Episode 9:  Undateable Writer and Co-Executive Producer Craig Doyle is back again to chat about what goes into producing a live weekly sitcom, how the writing process changes when doing a live show, advice on how to get Jenna Jameson (and the Uruguayan embassy) to retweet you and much more.

Episode 8:  Revenge writer/co-producer Ted Sullivan chats about killing off important characters on network TV shows, why comedians make great dramatic actors, superheroes in entertainment and all kinds of TV business stuff.

Episode 7:  Undateable supervising producer Craig Doyle comes back on to talk about Undateable’s season premiere, staffing season, TV ratings, finding your voice as a writer and much more.

Episode 6:  It’s TV fellowship season and top screenwriting coach Lee Jessup explains the difference between fellowship programs, what shows you should consider spec’ing and which to avoid, offers general TV writing advice and much more.

Episode 5:  Undateable TV writer/producer Craig Doyle talks about the difference between a first and second season on a TV series, developing his pilot (Lords of Venice) with Kurt Russell and Uncle Rico at HBO, how he spent his hiatus and more.

Episode 4:  In our pre-Halloween episode, sold screenwriter and screenwriting instructor Corey Mandell talks about three things every screenwriter should know, how to choose a good screenplay reader and writing scripts that are pitch perfect authentic.

Episode 3:  Top Cow President/COO and comic book writer, Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Tales of Honor, Wildfire) talks about this years Top Cow Talent Hunt, the importance of research, why he will not read your F’ing script and more.

Episode 2:  In a special Columbus Day episode Cliff Dorfman (Warrior, Entourage) talks about his first-look deal with Relativity, what happens (as a client) when your agency (Resolution) shuts down, his TV project Dream School on the Sundance Channel and if Columbus Day is still a thing or not.

Episode 1:  Craig Doyle (Undateable, The Andy Dick Show) joins the show to talk about comedy writers’ rooms vs. drama rooms, single cam vs. multi cam jokes and the joys of Colecovision.

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