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Tim Dowling – Screenwriter

Q:  Who is Tim Dowling?
A:  Tim Dowling is the screenwriter of Role Models, This Means War and Just Go With It.  He is a graduate of USC’s School of Dramatic Arts and has appeared in Terminator 3, Thank You For Smoking and The Beautician and the Beast.

Q:  What has Tim written?
A:  In addition to his extensive screenwriting credits, Tim has done rewrite jobs on Knight and Day, She’s Out of My League and What Happens In Vegas.  He was also tasked with writing the sequel to Midnight Run and remaking Uptown Saturday Night.

Q:  Where can I find Tim?
A:  You can find Tim on IMDb and Box Office Mojo and follow Tim on Twitter!



We talk to screenwriter Tim Dowling about his writing process, if being an actor helps with dialogue and how he prepares for pitches and more.


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