Eddie Gamarra

 Eddie Gamarra – Literary Manager & Producer

Q:  Who is Eddie Gamarra?

A:  Eddie is a literary manager and producer at The Gotham Group who specializes in the film and television development of animation, book and graphic novel properties.

Q:  What has Eddie done?
A: Eddie is a graduate of Vassar College, with his masters in film from NYU and a PhD in Psychoanalysis & film from Emory University, and has spent the past ten years working at The Gotham Group with clients that include numerous NY Times best-selling authors and Annie, Emmy, Oscar, Caldecott and Newbury award winners.  He was directly involved in getting James Dashner’s novel, The Maze Runner, made into a feature film at 20th Century Fox.


Q:  Where can I find Eddie?
A:  You can follow Eddie on Facebook or check him out on IMDb.



We talk to Eddie Gamarra about how literary reps in the film/TV world work with their publishing counterparts, if self-publishing is a viable route to develop a book IP for film/TV development, developing animation and comic book properties, gives tips to authors looking to become screenwriters and much more.


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