Stan Spry – Literary Manager/Producer

Stan Spry is a Founding Partner, and CEO, of the Cartel and is a Literary Manager and Producer. Stan represents top tier writers, directors, producers, show runners, and production companies for feature films, television, new-media. Stan has nearly fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, most recently as a Partner at Artist International, a production and management subsidiary of Hollywood Studios International.

Prior to joining Artist International, Stan was a Literary Agent for Dytman & Associates Talent and Literary Agency. For two years prior to becoming an agent, Stan was a Literary Manager and Vice-President of Production and Development for ASE, and began his career in Development and physical production.

Some of Stan’s producing credits include recent feature films such as Guns Girls & Gambling, Jeepers Creepers 3, Love at the Shore, Sun Sand & Romance, Love at First Glance, The Fixer Upper Mysteries, The Wrong Mother, Give Me My Baby, 911 Nightmare, Online Abduction, Wrong Swipe, The Wedding Pact, Out of Reach, Avalanche Sharks, Defending Santa, Merry ExMas, Crimes of the Mind, Dracano, Anatomy of Deception, Fire Twister, The Town Came A-Courtin’, Merry ExMas, Sink Hole, Stepdaughter, Dragon Wasps, Terror Experiment, Dangerous Company, Deadly Pursuit, Demo Girl, to name a few.

In the television arena, Stan is the Executive Producer of the hit series Creepshow for AMC’s streaming platform Shudder. He also Executive Produced the Netflix series Twelve Forever, and is Executive Producing the upcoming 10 episdoe series Day of the Dead for Syfy. He also Executive Produced the US version of the long-running UK reality show A Place in the Sun for Discovery Networks and Executive Produced the series, Ties That Bind, for Up Network. Stan has been involved in setting up, packaging and selling movies and television shows to Netflix, Amazon, WGN, ABC, ABC Family, Starz, The Hub, CBS Paramount, SyFy, Universal, HBO, Sony, Cartoon Network, Lifetime, Vh1, Twentieth Century Fox, FX, Showtime, USA, MTV, Syfy, Up, Ion, Warner Brothers and Disney just to name a few.

Stan has produced over 95 movies and television series since 2010.

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