Rob Spillman – Editor/Co-Founder Tin House

Q:  Who is Rob Spillman?
A:  Rob Spillman is a writer and editor, has edited the literary magazine Tin House for the past thirteen years.  He lives in New York City, but also spends time in Portland, Oregon, where Tin House’s second office is located.

Q:  What has Rob done?
A:  Rob’s writing has appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and Real Simple, among others.  He also spent five years as the book columnist for Details magazine.  He now edits the literary magazine Tin House, as well as books for their book division, including Gods and Soldiers: the Penguin Anthology of Contemporary African Fiction.

Q:  Where can I find Rob?
A:  Follow Rob on Twitter.  And find out more about Tin House at their website.



We talk to Rob about what it’s like editing a literary magazine, what he looks for in a great short story, the importance of confidence in writing, recent trends in the world of literary fiction, and the (less-obvious) differences between short stores and full-length books.



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