regina_lee-1-smallRegina Lee – Producer and International Media Consultant

Q:  Who is \Regina Lee?
A:  Regina is a film and television producer and international script and media consultant.

Q:  What has Regina done?
A:  Regina started her career at CAA working in the motion picture literary department before spending five years at Universal Pictures in the motion picture production division.  She has since gone on to work as a senior executive at Fox based Seed Productions (Hugh Jackman’s company) and under a term deal at New Line Cinema with Owen Wilson.

Q:  Where can I find Regina?
A:  Follow Regina on Twitter and you can also find her on LinkedIn.



Producer and media consultant Regina Lee talks about why it can be difficult to get unsolicited material read, tips on writing an effective query email, the reality of idea theft, how important it is for new writers to focus on a specific genre and much more.

20Q INTERVIEW with Regina Lee

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about producer, Regina Lee.


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