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Scott Carr – Lit Manager/Producer, Management SGC @sgcarr82

Brenden Gallagher – Writer (Warrior Nun) @brendengallager

Eric Rogers – Writer/Producer/Showrunner (Skylanders Academy, Futurama) @EricRogersHere

Ian Shorr – Screenwriter/Producer (Infinite, 10-31, Training Day) @IanShorr

Jelena Woehr – Writer, Founder of WGAMix @jelenawoehr

John Zaozirny – Lit Manager/Producer, Bellevue Productions @johnzaozirny

Andrew Zuber – Writer (Stitchers, RBUK) @TheRealZuber

And the mod team from the Scripts & Scribes Discord channel:

VY Bars @VyaraYD

Katharine Burgess @KatB_Wolfe

Remi Chevalier @rk_chev

Damon Clark @DamonClark

Gustavo Rojas @GusRED149

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