Logline Madness 2020

Semi-Finals – Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Judge: Adam Kolbrenner, Lit Entertainment

Below are the loglines designated as the top twelve (12) in action genre. The four (4) loglines chosen to move on to the Genre Final round, as determined by the judge, are listed at the bottom.


1) The Atlas by Katharine Burgess (TV) – When a string of murders point to an extinct race of superhumans, a detective with the power to see auras struggles to hide the secret that both cracks the case and turns the world against her.

Judge’s Feedback: Sounds twisted – interesting – might get the audience confused.

2) One More Day Inc. by Andy Erikson (TV) – A fierce but damaged single mother enlists the services of One More Day Inc in order to bring her estranged father back to life for one more day. So that she can kill him.

Judge’s Feedback: Small story but want to know more.

3) The Naughty List by Chip Riggs (Feature) – Two young sisters undertake a magical, harrowing journey to the North Pole to erase their names from Santa’s naughty list and find themselves in the middle of a fight between light and dark in what should be the happiest place on Earth.

Judge’s Feedback: This could be interesting, not sure what exactly the light and dark would be though. Need to be more specific. 

4) The Valley of the Skull by Aaron M. Corpus (Feature) – Two women — a steely Catholic nun and a vengeful freed slave — embark on a dangerous, life-changing rescue mission when a violent gang of ex-Confederate slave hunters kidnap the nun’s younger sister.

Judge’s Feedback: Slave movies are hard to sell & get made. 

5) The Custodian by Daniel M. Chiu (Feature) – After a brutal crime in his building, a mysterious Custodian takes the Law in his own hands and becomes a target for shadowy CIA Operatives hunting down national security threats.

Judge’s Feedback: Too broad and we have a couple of client scripts that are similar. 

6) Clones by Ismaail Edoo (Feature) – A gifted engineering student is recruited to perfect a machine which uses clones to recreate crime scenes, only to be tied into the current investigation when her clone confesses to the murder.

Judge’s Feedback: Could be cool – but might be a little too much like robot/machine from IROBOT.

7) Jungleland by Hans Bauer and C. F. Mitchell (Feature) – After the annihilation of his tribe by a lumber tycoon, a South American Indian travels to New York City where he partners with a dissolute Detective to seek revenge.

Judge’s Feedback: Sounds interesting but is this a true story? Hard to get made otherwise.

8) Hardpan by James P. Gannon & Matt Ferrin (Feature) – In the American Southwest during the early 1980s, a young demolition derby driver becomes stranded in the desert after crashing his car. Injured, alone and with only a case of beer to survive on, he must rely on his ingenuity to transform his wrecked car into something that can save him.

Judge’s Feedback:  Interesting new way into a survival film, but seems a bit small.

9) Ginger Harem by Maroun Rached (Feature) – When the daughter of an FBI agent is kidnapped by a hedonistic sect and turned into a sex slave, both mother and daughter must fight the powerful organization to break free from its claws.

Judge’s Feedback:  Yikes, female version of TAKEN. Don’t really like the sex slave part but need to know what makes this story special from thriller/action films like TAKEN, other than it being two female leads.

10) Where Water Tastes Like Blood by Rémi Brandely (Feature) – In a dying world, a young girl encounters a hardened survivor harboring the antidote to a deadly virus and takes refuge in his bunker, unaware that he killed her mother.

Judge’s Feedback: “Psycho” meets “Cloverfield Lane” – could be an interesting contained Thriller.

11) 8.13.61 by Erika S Ellis (Feature) – The night the Berlin Wall is erected, an American father and son visiting family in Berlin, get separated and fight to get back home, while eluding the murderous Stasi on their trail.

Judge’s Feedback:  Cool new way into a story like this. Is this a true story?

12) Zuma by Daniel Robberse (Feature) – In order to save the crumbling Aztec empire, a young slave pursuing military greatness embarks on a suicidal journey to commit an impossible coup.

Judge’s Feedback:  A little too broad – sounds interesting but needs to explain what “the impossible coup” is.

The loglines selected as the Top 4 and moving on to the Action Genre Finals:

#2 One More Day, Inc. / #3  The Naughty List / #6 Clones / #9 Ginger Harem


The other genre semi-final results will be announced in upcoming articles this week . Thank you to all writers who submitted loglines and congratulations to those moving on to the next round of the competition!

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