IT’S BACK!  The 2020 Logline Madness contest is your opportunity to get feedback for your logline from industry professionals and compete for the opportunity to have your script read and considered by lit managers. There is no cost to enter.  Please read all rules before entering the contest and submitting your logline.



Loglines and author names, along with judge’s comments, will be published in upcoming articles.  By entering, you agree to this condition.

This contest is for entertainment and educational purposes only and not a serious competition.

Not all loglines will be selected to participate in the judging.  Selected loglines will be judged by the panel, in their respective category, and their decisions are final.

All writers/loglines selected to participate and winner(s) chosen will be at the sole discretion of Scripts & Scribes and the judging panel.

Entrants are able to submit a single logline. Submitting multiple loglines is grounds for rejection from the entire competition.

By entering a logline, submitter warrants that they are the sole owner and author of the submitted logline and has the full right to submit the material.

In addition, submitter acknowledges that all “judges” of the contest (including Scripts and Scribes) are in the production and/or management of material for motion picture, TV, and/or other media and, as such, are likewise engaged in the search for material and literary properties and the development of ideas and stories and therefore may have had access to and/or independently created ideas, themes and/or materials which may be similar in theme, plot, format or contain other elements coincidentally comparable to material/ideas/loglines being submitted and that submitter will not be entitled to any compensation by reason of the use of such similar material by any the “judges” or Scripts & Scribes.

Submitter does not transfer, waive or limit any rights to the copyright of their own material.

If you do not agree with the above stated rules, do not enter the contest.


How to Enter:

Loglines must be received by 11:59 pm (PST) on Monday, April 20th, 2020 to be considered.

Do not include full synopses, treatments or scripts. Any submissions containing a synopsis, treatment or screenplay, or with attachments of any kind, will be deleted without being read.

Your submission must include the 1) author’s name, 2) title of project, 3) medium (feature or TV), 4) the logline itself and 5) which genre the script is (select one only):

– Action/Adventure (includes Sci-Fi/Fantasy/War)

– Comedy

– Drama

– Horror/Thriller

There are TWO (2) ways to submit your logline:

1) Join our discord channel:

And post your info and logline. Other Discord members can vote on your logline in this channel. The top vote getters in each category will be selected for the judging rounds. Those loglines not receiving the highest votes will be added to the list for the selection committee to choose from to move on to the judging rounds.

2) Email your logline to:

Your logline will be added to the list for the selection committee to choose from to move on to the judging rounds.

By submitting a logline to the contest, submitter agrees to hold harmless and forever discharge, Scripts & Scribes and all judges of this contest for any damages, legal fees, costs, expenses, debts, actions and causes of action of every kind and nature, whether now or in the future, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, asserted or unasserted, which in any way may arise out of or in connection with the submitter or their logline.



Competition Judges (*list not final):

David Baggelaar – Literary Manager (Good Fear)

Scott Carr – Literary Manager (Management SGC)

Lee Jessup – Screenwriting Career Coach

Carole Kirschner – Program Director (CBS Writers Mentoring & WGA Showrunner Training program)

Adam Kolbrenner – Literary Manager (Lit Entertainment)

Christopher Lockhart – Story Editor (WME)

Daniel Seco – Literary Manager (Schemers Ent.)

John Zaozirny – Literary Manager (Bellevue Productions)

Selection round: All loglines submitted will be read by a small panel of our judges to determine which move on to the judging rounds. Those not selected for the competition will not proceed, nor be notified. Not all loglines will move on to the judging rounds for the competition.

In addition to the selection panel, loglines entered via Discord can be voted upon by other users. The loglines with the most votes in each category will move on to the judging rounds.

All Patreon donors will automatically have their logline moved on to the judging rounds and skip the selection round completely.

Judging rounds: The loglines that have been selected by the committee, those submitted via Discord and voted the highest, and those submitted by Patreon donors will move on to the three judging rounds (preliminary, semi-final, final rounds) and be judged by 1-3 judges per round, with individual loglines receiving feedback by the judge(s) in each round. Only the loglines determined to be the best by the judges will move on to the next successive round. The best two loglines as voted on by the judges will move on to the Championship round.

Championship round: The final two loglines will go head to head in a contest with each of the nine (9) judges selecting their preferred logline and offering their own comments on each. The logline receiving the most votes by the judges will be declared the winner of the 2020 Logline Madness contest.  The winner will have his/her script read and considered by lit managers.  The winning writer must be prepared to sign a release form to have their work read.

Reps who have committed to reading the script for the winning logline, so far (list not final and could change):

David Baggelaar – Literary Manager (Good Fear)

Scott Carr – Literary Manager (Management SGC)

Adam Kolbrenner – Literary Manager (Lit Entertainment)

Daniel Seco – Literary Manager (Schemers Ent.)

John Zaozirny (Bellevue Productions)

This is not a guarantee or offer or representation. The above listed reps have only agreed to read and consider the screenplay for the winning logline.

The selected loglines, semi-finalists, finalists and overall winner will be announced in an upcoming article on the website.


Need help with your logline?  WME story editor Christopher Lockhart, wrote an excellent guide with 300 examples from produced screenplays — I WROTE A 120 PAGE SCRIPT BUT I CAN’T WRITE A LOGLINE (pdf download link)


Thanks for submitting and good luck! 

If you have questions, visit our Discord channel to ask:


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