This year’s LOGLINE MADNESS competition drew 425 qualified submissions. The loglines submitted via Discord were voted upon by members in the S&S Discord server and those with the most votes, were automatically promoted. The top two (2) vote getters in each genre and one (1) additional logline with the highest vote count among the remaining loglines, regardless of genre, totaling nine (9).

The remaining loglines from Discord and those submitted through email went through a selection committee of ten (10) judges and they were voted upon. Those loglines receiving the most votes were promoted to the judging rounds.

In addition, Patreon donors were allowed to enter a single logline that was automatically promoted to the judging rounds.

Only 96 loglines in total were able to be selected for the judging rounds. The final selections will be announced, with feedback from judges, in upcoming articles.

There were only two loglines voted in by unanimous decision from the selection committee:

THE VALLEY OF THE SKULL by Aaron M. Corpus (Action/Adventure Feature) – Two women — a steely Catholic nun and a vengeful freed slave — embark on a dangerous, life-changing rescue mission when a violent gang of ex-Confederate slave hunters kidnap the nun’s younger sister.

TIME WILL TELL by Nti Aning (Drama Feature) – A young woman will have to accept the realities of life after she discovers a Polaroid camera that allows her to take pictures of the future.

The nine loglines submitted on Discord and promoted via public online vote were:

AHH!-CAPELLA: FEATURING THE MUSIC OF NSYNC by Bryant Jen (Horror/Thriller Feature) – A fractured, rag-tag a capella group retreats to a cabin in the woods to rehearse for the big Voice Wars competition finale, only to encounter a monster that’s attracted to perfect harmony and NSYNC music.

THE ATLAS by Katharine Burgess (TV Action/Adventure) – When a string of murders point to an extinct race of superhumans, a detective with the power to see auras struggles to hide the secret that both cracks the case and turns the world against her.

BACK FROM AVALON by Amy Wen (TV Comedy) – A wealthy high school mean girl falls off a cliff and ends up in 5th century Britain. Now seen as a poor, uneducated foreigner, she must survive the animosity of the locals, invading Angles, and the spoiled teenage King Arthur with nothing but her wits.

FOLLOW THE LEADER by Sara Beil (Comedy Feature) – A down-on-her-luck science fiction novelist becomes an accidental messiah when her latest book is mistakenly placed in the non-fiction section.

LEGS OUT by Ramya Mogallapu (Comedy Feature) – After a know-it-all movie theater employee finds herself in the midst of a movie piracy scandal, she becomes determined to figure out which one of her prank obsessed, social media crazy, co-workers is the true culprit.

O, PARIAH! by Remi K. Chevalier (TV Drama) – 1870s, Kansas. A former slave becomes the sole guardian of a cult leader’s white daughter and must protect her from vengeful hordes convinced that only the child’s death can put an end to the expanding sect.

ONE MORE DAY INC. by Andy Erikson (TV Action/Adventure) – A fierce but damaged single mother enlists the services of One More Day Inc in order to bring her estranged father back to life for one more day. So that she can kill him.

WILDLIFE by Calvin Zimmerman (Drama Feature) – In the wake of a lethal mass shooting at his small town high school, the young son of the local police chief must find a way to convict the shooter- his older brother.

WISH LIST by Joseph Fattal (Horror/Thriller Feature) – When a technophobic Amazon delivery guy is ambushed in Mexico by a group of gangsters who mistake him for a drug mule, he must survive using only the packages inside his van.

The rest of the 96 selected loglines chosen to participate will be announced in upcoming articles. We plan to release successive voting rounds each week – dependent on the schedule of our judges, who are all working industry professionals.

Thank you for your submissions! More to come!

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