THE LAST SHIP and LEVERAGE writer/producer and JERICHO co-creator Josh Schaer joins the podcast to chat about his process, writer’s block, the glut of TV series revivals and reboots, if he was way ahead of the curve on the post-apocalyptic genre trend with JERICHO and much more.

JERICHO co-creator,
Josh Schaer

Josh Schaer is one of Hollywood’s tallest screenwriters.  He graduated from Wesleyan University in 1996 and promptly headed west.  After a previous life as a feature film development executive, sharing time between both studio-based and independent companies, Josh started writing full-time in 2005.  He co-created the series JERICHO for CBS and Paramount, then went on to write for other hourlong drama series including HUMAN TARGET on Fox, LEVERAGE on TNT, THE LAST SHIP on TNT and most recently, LEGACIES on the CW.  He’s also sold several pilots that never made it to air, which his representatives tell him is not a reflection on his talent.  In his spare time, he is an almost-absentee husband and father.

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