Ep 44 – Jewerl Ross

Nov 20, 2013 by

Jewerl Ross

We talk to literary manager/producer, Jewerl Ross about starting his own management company, the potential pitfalls of being a manager/producer, how aspiring screenwriters can stand out in a query, what the Black List can do for a screenwriting career, who the most romantic of the romance poets is and much more.

To hear the interview, listen to the podcast below.

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(During the podcast, Jewerl mentions a script consultant; Jewerl wanted listeners to know that her name is Lee Jessup and she can be reached at the email address lee at leejessup dot com and at   www.leejessup.com.)

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1 Comment

  1. mgwriter

    Nice website. Podcast was informative too. Jewerl Ross seems like a genuinely good guy, who knows his stuff and works hard for his clients. It’s refreshing to hear from a manager that has a passion for what he does and is focused on managing clients and not all preoccupied with being a producer. Good stuff. Look forward to checking out the older podcasts as well.