Ep 20 – George Gibson

Jun 8, 2012 by

We talk to Bloomsbury USA Publishing Director, George Gibson about what he does as Publishing Director, taking the reins at Bloomsbury USA, the type of books he is looking for, running publishing houses large and small, and some of Bloomsbury’s newest books.

Listen to the entire interview below.

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  1. I LOVE your podcast. I’m itetresned in being interviewed for inspiration for people to live during these hard times and during personal droughts living doing one right thing to do a day. You can read my blog listed in the website text box above. However if not, no problem. I’m writing to tell you I LOVE YOUR PODCAST. I’m 46 and never even knew what a blog nor a podcast was. So one day after reading one of my books studying for computer class, I set out to find both. I first researched blogs, and ended up starting the blog referred to previously. I never made it to the podcast so I asked about it among my peers in class. They told me how to do it and I sought out NPR. You were the first podcast series I downloaded and I haven’t regretted it since. Thank you for what you do.