Zach Tann – Literary Manager

Q:  Who is Zach Tann?
A:  Zach Tann is a literary manager and producer.  He graduated from Kalamazoo College in Michigan and is a die hard Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Redwings fan.  Zach also loves cookies.

Q:  Where has Zach worked?
A:  Zach is co-founder and partner of Magnet Management.  He previously worked at Zide/Perry.

Q:  Where can I find Zach?
A:   Follow Zach on Twitter!  Check out Magnet Management online.


20Q INTERVIEW with Zach Tann

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about Lit Manager and Magnet Management Co-Founder, Zach Tann.


Q&A INTERVIEW with Zach Tann

Literary Manager and Magnet Management Partner/Co-Founder, Zach Tann answers how he got his start, what makes a great query letter, what he looks for in a potential client, what makes a good writer/manager relationship and more.


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