Tom Mayer – Senior Editor, W.W. Norton

Q:  Who is Tom Mayer?
A:  Tom Mayer has been a book editor at W.W. Norton for eight years, and a senior editor since 2010.  He has a wide array of interests, and has edited over fifty books.  He lives in New York City.

Q:  What has Tom done?
A:  Just a few of the many books he’s edited are: Somewhere Towards the End by Diana Athill; Caravaggio by Andrew Graham-Dixon; The Influencing Machine by Brooke Gladstone, and In the Graveyard of Empires by Seth G. Jones.

Q:  Where can I find Tom?
A:  Tom can be found on Publisher’s Marketplace, GoodReads and on Twitter.  A list of the books Tom has edited is on Shelfari.



We talk to Tom about the nature of being an editor, the process a submitted manuscript goes though to become a published book, the editor-author relationship, the difference between editing fiction and nonfiction, and what makes a manuscript really stand out.




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