Sean Hood – Screenwriter/Filmmaker

Q: Who is Sean Hood?
A:   Sean is a screenwriter and award winning filmmaker from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He graduated from Harvard University with a double major in Mathematics and Studio Art and went on to earn his MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.  Sean began his career in Hollywood, working in the art department on a number of big budget films such as True Lies, G.I. Jane and Fight Club.  Since then, he has written numerous feature films and television shows for Dimension Films, Starz, Millenium Films and Lions Gate.  In addition to his own busy screenwriting career, Sean is also an instructor of Advanced Screenwriting at USC.

Q:  What has Sean written?
A:  Sean is the screenwriter of Conan the Barbarian, Halloween: Resurrection and The Crow: Wicked Prayer.  His upcoming films include A Haunting in New York and a collaboration with Sylvester Stallone on an as yet untitled Rambo sequel.

Q:  Where can I find Sean?
A:  Sean has a Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, IMDb, Quora and Wikipedia page.



We talk to Sean about the challenges of re-inventing an iconic franchise, doing production rewrites on location, Amazon studios, originality in television vs. films, consulting with writers whose work you are hired to rewrite, who the best Robin “Hood” is and more. 



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