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We are frequently asked if script coverage services are “worth it” and if so, do we recommend any.  As far as the first question, of the value and worth of paid coverage service, the answer is “it depends”.  Most screenwriters could benefit from a second set of eyes who will read their screenplay and give fair and objective, but critical notes to help make the script as good as it can possibly be.

If you have people in your life that you trust to be honest with you about your work and have a good sense of screenplay format and the industry itself, then you likely already have this covered.  If you do not, then you might consider getting a second opinion from a good paid reader/consultant.

There are literally dozens and dozens of paid readers, script consultants and coverage services.  Some are incredibly experienced and can make a very positive impact on a screenwriter’s script. Others might be merely trying to cash in on novice screenwriters and have few credentials or the experience to truly help screenwriters succeed.  We have listed a few readers/coverage services below that are highly recommended by our readers/listeners for both their exceptional professionalism and quality of their services.


Scripts & Scribes is not compensated in any way by the listed individuals/services below and we take no responsibility for services purchased or rendered.  We created this list solely to assist screenwriters in finding reputable and professional script coverage services as a courtesy to our community.  Should you have a good or bad experience with any of the readers/services listed here, we’d love to hear about it.

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The Screenplay Mechanic:

Andrew the Screenplay Mechanic


What are your qualifications?

I’ve worked in development since the late 90s. One of my first jobs was an assistant at Silver Pictures. From there, I went to work for a producer at Paramount as a Story Editor. Next, I worked as a Senior Story Analyst at New Regency Productions (at 20th Century Fox). I did that for a decade until I started my own reading business in 2009. Today, I read 300 scripts a year for private clients worldwide. All told, I’ve read somewhere in the region of 7000 screenplays, cover to cover.

I’ve also worked in a producer capacity on several projects, so I’ve experienced development and production from both sides of the equation — writer and producer.


How much do you charge for script coverage and what does that entail?

My base service is $99. It’s a cover page (logline, box score, etc.) and two pages of evaluation and notes. It’s easily my most popular service due to its bang for the buck.


What other services do you offer?

Studio-Style coverage, which is the same as Notes-Only except it includes a synopsis, is $175.

Full Development Notes, which can range anywhere from 8 – 14 pages is $299. That includes a detailed synopsis, more detailed development notes, and page specific notes (typos etc.)


Average turnaround for completed coverage?

I work a little different than most coverage services. You contact me, I tell you my next date (usually 3-4 weeks out), then you tell if you want to reserve it. You’ll then send a PDF and payment the day before your reservation. I read it the date your scheduled for and send you my work that same day. This system allows writers to keep their material so they can continue rewriting and polishing right up until the day I read it. Whereas other services will sit on your script for a week or two and you have to guess when you’ll get notes back.


Success stories:

Since I left the studios, my biggest success story has to be BRAKE. I helped the writer go from his parents’ basement on the East Coast to the set of his own movie. A couple of other clients have had their projects go into production too. I’ve also helped clients find representation and many have placed well in competitions and optioned/sold their material. These days, if I find a script I love, I try to help it find a home. From time to time I also hear of small, private assignment work too and I try to connect those requests with talented writers.


Website URL:  The Screenplay Mechanic

Email Address:  Email Andrew the Screenplay Mechanic


The Third Act:

Rob – The Third Act


What are your qualifications?

Writing and working with writers is my passion and my full-time job, not just a side venture. I hold an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.

  • Have worked in development / evaluated submissions for OddLot Entertain, Paramoiunt, Cruise/Wagner, Disney, WB and ScriptShark.
  • Written over 2,000 coverage reports on the job as an A-list studio reader.
  • Taught screenwriting and story analysis at three educational institutions, including Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.
  • Worked with over 200 private clients as a Screenplay Consultant
  • Been a paid screenwriter.

Our industry is incredibly tough and all writers face a lot of competition. Those who don’t want to hear a different perspective on their own work simply don’t survive. You’ll find I am very supportive, respectful and encouraging, but also candid and direct.These are specific and thorough offering constructive criticism and rationale for my observations without pulling punches, followed by positive strategies for solutions.


How much do you charge for script coverage and what does that entail?

Coverage ($150) Includes a logline, overall rating of major elements, 2 pages of comments on the major elements (character, plot, dialogue); story grid (at-a-glance rating of all key elements), final rating / recommendation.

Development Notes ($250)

A more in-depth look at your script that includes the services in the coverage package plus 3 to 5 pages of analysis and notes (instead of 2) and a 30-minute follow-up conference call to answer your questions and get a bit more clarity.

Development Consulting ($400)

This is my most popular and comprehensive screenplay analysis package and includes two readings; 4 to 6 pages of analysis; Detailed notes written on the physical draft showing my reactions and questions as I read it; Basic line editing; 1, one-hour phone conference; Story Grid worksheet.


What other services do you offer?

Outline and beat sheet development, editing / proofing, rewriting, ghostwriting.


Average turnaround time for completed coverage?

Standard turnaround is 3 weeks. Three rushes services are also available (2 week, 1 week, and 2 day).


Success stories?

Statistically, I can offer that I’ve had over a twenty clients get representation because of scripts we’ve worked on together and five have optioned or sold their work. (This is always a tough question because as a writer’s resource, I believe the work good development consultants do should be “in the background”. If a client wants to mention me, that’s fine, but I just don’t feel comfortable asking to list them for marketing purposes. They tell other writers and word of mouth works very well.)


Website URL:  The Third Act

Email Address:  Email Rob


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