Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards – Screenwriter & founder of Rob Edwards’ Master Class

Q:  Who is Rob Edwards?
A:  Rob is a working screenwriter, an Emmy winning TV writer/producer and a screenwriting teacher.

Q:  What has Rob done?
A:  Rob is the screenwriter of TREASURE PLANET and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, both of which were nominated for Academy Awards.  Rob wrote his first professional teleplay before his 21st birthday and since then he’s written for such TV shows as “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “Full House”, “In Living Color” and “Studio 60”.  He is the founder of Rob Edwards’ Master Class for screenwriting.

Q:  Where can I find Rob?
A:  Visit Rob at his internet home –, visit his facebook page and check out his credits on IMDb and Wikipedia.



Treasure Planet and The Princess and the Frog screenwriter, Rob Edwards talks about marketing an animated spec screenplay, gives tips on pitching, beauty pageants (the screenwriting variety) and much more.


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