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Rich Freeman – Manager/Producer

Q:  Who is Rich Freeman?
A:  Rich is a manager, producer and partner at Code Entertainment.

Q:  What has Rich done?
A:  Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, Rich worked in indie film and commercial production after graduating from Emory University with a degree in history.  His career in representation began at Writers and Artists Agency in 1996, where he became head of the lit department before transitioning to Paradigm, when they acquired Writers and Artists in 2004.  Rich transitioned to management and producing when he joined Code Entertainment in 2008.

Q:  Where can I find Rich?
A:  Follow Rich on Twitter and visit Code Entertainment at their website.



20Q INTERVIEW with Rich Freeman

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about Code Entertainment partner, Rich Freeman.



We talk to Rich about the difference between breaking a new writer vs. managing the career of established screenwriters, seeking clients interested in working in both film and television, deciding when a writer is good enough to develop as client, original pilots vs. spec scripts as TV writing samples and much more.


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