Nancy Mullane – Journalist and Author

Q:  Who is Nancy Mullane?
A:  Nancy is a reporter and producer for NPR, Public Radio International’s This American Life, and the NPR affiliate KALW in San Francisco.

Q:  What has Nancy written?
A:  Her debut book, Life After Murder, which focuses on five men before and after parole, was released in 2012.

Q:  Where can I find Nancy?
A:  You can visit Nancy on her website and the site for Life After Murder.  She has a Twitter and Amazon author profile.




SCRIPTS & SCRIBES PODCAST #28 w/Nancy Mullane – (8/8/12)

We talk to Nancy about how she came to know five prison inmates, the intricacies of researching within the prison system, how she organized four years of research into a manuscript, the role her publishing house Public Affairs played in submitting her book for the Pulitzer Prize, and how she landed her first agent and publisher. 


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