Mike Dill

Mike Dill

Mike Dill – Literary Manager/Producer, Black Box Management

Q:  Who is Mike Dill?
A:  Mike is a literary manger, producer and co-founder of Black Box Management.

Q:  What has Mike done?
A:  Prior to starting Black Box Management, Mike got his start in the mailroom at Spyglass.  He worked in TV packaging at CAA for three and a half years before moving into development as an exec at Shed Media in 2009, where Mike launched their U.S. scripted television division.  In 2011, he partnered with Lowell Shaprio and together they formed Black Box Management.

Q:  Where can I find Mike?
A:  Follow Mike on Twitter, Instagram and Vine!  And check out his credits on IMDb.



Literary manager Mike Dill talks about when a writer should seek new representation, the dress code for meetings, what happens when a writer blows an assignment, why Black Box is the Death Row Records of Hollywood and much more.


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