Marcus Dunstan – Screenwriter, Director & Author

Q:  Who is Marcus Dunstan?
A:  Marcus Dunstan is a filmmaker and author from Macomb, Illinois.  He studied film at the University of Iowa and won the third season of Project Greenlight (with writing partner Patrick Melton) for their screenplay, Feast.

Q:  What has Marcus done?
A: Marcus is best known for his work on the Saw series of horror films (IV, V, VI, 3D), The Feast series (Feast, Feast 2, Feast 3) and Piranha3DD.  He also wrote and directed The Collector films (The Collector, The Collection).  Marcus’ latest projects are the Sci-Fi film, Pacific Rim for Guillermo del Toro and an adaptation of the popular video game, God of War.  Marcus also co-wrote a horror suspense novel entitled Black Light, currently in development as a feature film at Warner Bros.

Q:  Where can I find Marcus?
A:  More info on Marcus can be found on his website or on IMDb and Wikipedia.  You can also follow him on Twitter.


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