Laura Harrington – Author

Q:  Who is Laura Harrington?
A:  Laura is a novelist and playwright (and lyricist and librettist) who lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Q:  What has Laura written?
A:  In addition to a lengthy list of theater credits, including plays (N Bonaparte, Hallowed Ground), musicals (Crossing Brooklyn, Alice Unwrapped), and opera (Resurrection, Babes in Toyland) Laura has written the novel Alice Bliss.

Q:  Where can I find Laura?
A:   Laura has an author’s website and can be found on Twitter and Facebook.



SCRIPTS & SCRIBES PODCAST #32 w/ Laura Harrington

We talk to Laura about transforming a musical into a novel – and then transforming that novel back into a musical, the difference between writing for the theater and writing novels, that gray area between adult and YA books, writing about subjects that are close to home, and the importance of self-promotion.


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