Larry Marder – Comic Book Creator

Q:  Who is Larry Marder?
A:  Larry Marder spent twenty years as an advertising executive, before breaking into comic books, creating and self publishing his own comic book entitled Tales of the Beanworld.  Since then, Larry has gone on to roles as Executive Director/Publisher of Image Comics and President of McFarlane Toys.  After a fifteen year hiatus, Tales of the Beanworld returned to publication in 2008.

Q:  What has Larry written?
A:  Larry created the singularly unique, Tales of the Beanworld while studying at the Hartford Art School in the 1970’s.  He self-published mini-comics while working as an advertising executive before getting interest from publishers, first from Eclipse Comics and currently with Dark Horse.

Q:  Where can I find Larry?
A:  Larry posts regularly on his blog and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and the Comic Book Database.



We talk to Larry about how Tales of the Beanworld first got published, being the initial publisher/executive director of Image Comics, the publishing and editorial processes at Image and Dark Horse Comics, the switch from serial/periodical comic books to long form graphic novels and which beans are his favorites.



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