Josh Adler – Literary Manager/Producer

Q:  Who is Josh Adler?
A:  Josh is a literary manager and producer at Circle of Confusion.

Q:  What has Josh done?
A: Josh  began his career in feature development, at the Robert Evans Company, Gracie Films and Red Wagon.  Then, along with Mike Goldberg, they started up management and production firm, Abstract Entertainment in 2007.  In 2010, Abstract was bought by ROAR management and in 2011 Josh was hired by New Wave entertainment, where he worked for three years before joining Circle of Confusion in 2014.

Q:  Where can I find Josh?
A:  Check out Circle of Confusion online at their website and via their Twitter.  They do accept queries via email.


20Q INTERVIEW with Josh Adler

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about lit manager/producer Josh Adler.



We talk to literary manager Josh Adler about what writers should look for in a good agent, how much page count matters, if age plays into the equation when considering a new client, how a writer knows when their material is ready to be sent out and much more.

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