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Jewerl Ross – Literary Manager

Q:  Who is Jewerl Ross?
A:   Jewerl Ross is a literary manager and producer.  His client list includes Matt Aldrich, David H. Steinberg (American Pie 2) and Brad Buecker (Glee, American Horror Story).

Q:  Where has Jewerl worked?
A:  Jewerl is the founder and owner of Silent R Management.  He has worked at APA, ICM, Marathon Management and Paradigm.

Q:  Where can I find Jewerl?
A:   Check out Silent R Management online.


20Q INTERVIEW with Jewerl Ross

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about Literary Manager and Founder/Owner Silent R Management, Jewerl Ross.



We talk to Jewerl about starting his own management company, the potential pitfalls of being a manager/producer, how aspiring screenwriters can stand out in a query, what the Black List can do for a screenwriting career, who the most romantic of the romance poets is and much more.


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