Jeff Portnoy

Jeff Portnoy

Jeff Portnoy – Literary Manager/Producer, Bellevue Productions

Q:  Who is Jeff Portnoy?
A:  Jeff is a literary manger, producer at Bellevue Productions.

Q:  What has Jeff done?
A:  Prior to his current post at Bellevue, Jeff founded Heretic Literary Management and served as an agent and the head of the Story Department at Resolution. Before joining Resolution, he worked at The Gotham Group and Creative Artists Agency respectively.  Jeff holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television Production from Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

Q:  Where can I find Jeff?
A:  Follow Jeff on Twitter!



Literary manager Jeff Portnoy talks about common script problems he sees, gives advice for pitching, possible reasons for passing on a writer other than the strength of their writing, details coverage reports – what they include and who uses them and why – and much more.



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