Jeff Silver1Jeff Silver – Literary Manager, Grandview

Q:  Who is Jeff Silver?
A:  Jeff is a literary manager, partner and co-founder of Grandview.

Q:  What has Jeff done?
A:  Jeff started his career running New York based theatre company, Blue Lion before moving to Los Angeles in 2006 where he worked as an assistant at CAA and then joined Winkler Films as a development and production executive.  He lauched his own management company, Fourth Floor Productions in 2010.  In May of 2014, Jeff teamed up with fellow CAA alums – agent Matt Rosen and producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones – to form Grandview, where he currently reps a strong roster of writers and filmmakers in film, television, video games and new media.  Jeff was named to SSN’s A-List as a top manager for up-and-coming writers.

Q:  Where can I find Jeff?
A:  Visit Grandview at their website.



Literary manager Jeff Silver of Grandview talks about what the elements of a successful relationship with a client are, how common it is for writers to have their ideas stolen, some of the ways he’s discovered new clients, how Grandview started and where the name came from and much more.

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