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Greta Heinemann – TV writer

Q:  Who is Greta Heinemann?
A:  Greta is a TV writer, recently staffed on NCIS: New Orleans and a CBS Writing fellow repped by Original Artists and Madhouse Entertainment.

Q:  What has Greta done?
A:  Greta Heinemann is a one hour drama writer straight from the Bavarian boonies (where they shot THE SOUND OF MUSIC) who, for the lack of parents telling her otherwise, raised herself watching an abundance of German-dubbed US TV shows by day, and action movies by night. At the age of fourteen, it was the lethal concoction of BAYWATCH and THE TERMINATOR that inspired Greta to pursue a career as a Hollywood writer. Greta has since learned how to speak English, immigrated to the US in 2009 and as of now is a fellow to the CBS Writers Mentoring Program and one of the Humanitas New Voices Winners.

Q:  Where can I find Greta?
A: Follow Greta on Twitter!


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