Burying the Ex

frankie lindquistFrankie Lindquist – Literary Manager/Producer

Q:  Who is Frankie Lindquist?
A:  Frankie is a literary manager, producer and co-founder of Scooty Woop Entertainment.

Q:  What has Frankie done?
A:  Frankie started her career as a P.A. on The Dark Knight and went on to work for Mosaic Media and Atlas Entertainment before forming the delightfully named Scooty Woop Entertainment in 2009 with partner Mary Cybriwsky.  They currently represent a wide-range of up-and-coming writer and director clients and their producing slate includes the Joe Dante directed BURYING THE EX, the Sylvester Stallone dramedy REACH ME and STICKY NOTES starring Ray Liotta.

Q:  Where can I find Frankie?
A:  Visit Frankie on the Scooty Woop website, her Twitter, Scooty Woop’s Twitter and on her IMDb page.


SCRIPTS & SCRIBES PODCAST #72 with Frankie Lindquist

Frankie explains how she met and joined forces with partner Mary Cybriwsky, why screenwriters benefit from having both an agent and manager, when a writer is ready to sign with an agent, where the name Scooty Woop actually came from and much more.



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