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Chad Hodge – Television Writer/Producer

Q:  Who is Chad Hodge?
A:  Chad is the creator and showrunner of the Fox series, Wayward Pines.

Q:  What has Chad written?
A:  Chad graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University with degrees in Communication Studies and Business. At 23, Hodge created his first network television series, All About Us for NBC.

He has written for several primetime network series including Veritas: The Quest and Tru Calling, and  penned a number of television movies, including This Time Around and I Want to Marry Ryan Banks, starring Bradley Cooper.  Chad also created the Donnie Wahlberg series Runaway and The Playboy Club for NBC.

Hodge wrote the book for the stage adaptation of Irving Berlin’s 1942 musical classic, Holiday Inn, which starred Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. He is also re-teaming with Blake Crouch to adapt a second of the author’s books, Abandon, for Amblin TV.  Chad’s current film projects include writing Anita and is adapting bestselling young adult trilogy The Darkest Minds for director/producer Shawn Levy.

Hodge lives in Los Angeles and is a native of Highland Park, IL.

Q:  Where can I find Chad?
A:  Follow Chad on Twitter and Facebook.


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