Brian Buccellato – Comic Book Writer

Q:  Who is Brian Buccellato?
A:  Brian is a veteran comic book writer and colorist having worked on dozens of titles including Flash, Witchblade, Battle of the Planets, The Darkness and many others.  He is also a filmmaker, screenwriter and, when the right part comes along, occasional actor.

Q:  What has Brian written?
A: Brian is currently the co-writer of Flash for DC’s New 52 and the creator of Foster.

Q:  Where can I find Brian?
A:  Brian has his own “super-professional” website and you can also find him on Twitter, IMDb, ComicVine and the Comic Book Database.


SCRIPTS & SCRIBES PODCAST #8 w/Brian Buccellato

We talk to Brian about co-writing Flash, writing what y0u know, transitioning from comic book colorist to writer, self-publishing a comic vs. using a publishing company, using crowd funding as a direct marketing pre-sale system, writing and working in the film industry, which Fantastic Four villain he would play in a movie and much more. 



Brian explains the creative differences between writing work-for-hire vs. creator owned titles, the popularity of non-superhero comic books and the importance of telling new and original stories.



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