Amanda Pendolino

Amanda Pendolino – Screenwriter, Script Reader and Blogger

Q:  Who is Amanda Pendolino?
A:  Amanda is best known for her popular Aspiring TV writer & Screenwriter Blog.

Q:  What has Amanda done?
A:  Amanda was formerly a literary assistant at Paradigm and currently works as a professional script reader for a number of production companies and takes private clients — click here for more info.  She created the Aspiring TV Writer & Screenwriter Blog in 2007.

Q:  Where can I find Amanda?
A: Amanda does the Twitter thing, is on IMDb and did we mention she runs an awesome writing BLOG?


Q&A INTERVIEW with Amanda Pendolino

Amanda talks about why she started her blog, some of the things she learned as an agency assistant, the advantages for screenwriters living in L.A., a few of the most common problems she sees in screenplays and much more.


20Q INTERVIEW with Amanda Pendolino

Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about screenwriter, script reader and The Aspiring TV Writer & Screeenwriter blogger, Amanda Pendolino.


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