Alexander Robb – Literary Manager & Producer

Q:  Who is Alexander Robb?
A:  Alexander Robb is the founder of the management company, Insignia Entertainment, which is involved in film and television, development and production, print publication and literary talent representation.

Q:  What has Alexander done?
A:  Alexander represents a myriad of talent, active in various sectors of entertainment.  He helped client, Tyler Hisel, get his feature script, THE TREES, onto the Blacklist, which sold and was produced with Caliber Media.  The film, retitled, DARK WAS THE NIGHT, starred Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas and Bianca Kajlich, which received a limited theatrical release in the summer of 2015.  Since then, Mr. Robb helped place Mr. Hisel as a staff writer on the Fox/M. Night Shyamalan series, WAYWARD PINES, parallel to selling Mr. Hisel’s feature pitch, THE FIXER, to Paramount with Bradley Cooper attached to star and produce.  Additionally, Mr. Robb helped Mr. Hisel land just one of seven of ten total freelance episodes of the hybrid scripted/unscripted Amazon series, LORE, that’s being produced by Valhalla Entertainment (THE WALKING DEAD) and Propagate Studios with Glen Morgan (X-FILES) showrunning.

Prior to that, Mr. Robb sold Scotty Milder’s pilot, THE SHERWOOD COUNTY WAR, to Warner Horizon with Dan Lin producing.  He then co-created and sold Scotty’s second pilot, GRASS, to Sony TV, which he packaged with director, Larysa Kondracki (THE WHISTEBLOWER).

In addition, Mr. Robb sold the graphic novel, “Monstroids,” to Nickelodeon Animation Studios at the end of 2015, and is currently partnered with Mark Canton (300) to package and produce the graphic novel, “Outer Orbit,” by Eisner-nominated artists, Zach Howard and Sean Murphy.

Other avenues of entertainment, such as video games and publishing, have opened new doors that had previously been shut.  Mr. Robb successfully negotiated the deal for his client, Dan Jolley, to write one of the first Oculus Rift games, Chronos, which then dovetailed into the mobile action fighting game, Saber’s Edge.  Parallel to that, Mr. Robb negotiated Mr. Jolley’s recently released YA-trilogy, “Five Elements,” for Harper Collins, and the noir, superhero crime thriller, “Gray Widow,” to Seventh Star Press as part of a trilogy as well.  Additionally, Mr. Robb recently negotiated the deal for Mr. Jolley to write the Nickelodeon live-action pilot, VEGAS SCHOOL.

The previous sample showcases the diversity and breath of Insignia’s business.  It was started from scratch after Mr. Robb left his post as a development exec at Melee Entertainment (FRIDAY, NEXT DAY AIR, YOU GOT SERVED), and it has continued to grow and grow.  Prior to that, Mr. Robb worked in production for several years, from G&E to stunts to AD, and as an assistant at Handprint Entertainment, The Gersh Agency, Grosvenor Park and The Gotham Group.

Mr. Robb also holds a BA in English & Film Studies from Michigan State University.

Q:  Where can I find Alexander?
A:  Check out Alex at his IMDb page.


Q&A INTERVIEW with Alexander Robb

Alexander talks about the state of the spec market, how the business has changed since in the past decade and where he sees it going, what his expectations are for new clients, common mistakes newer writers make and much more.

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