Scripts & Scribes – Logline Madness 2015

Horror/Thriller/Mystery Bracket

-Round 2-

Judge:  Marc Manus, Manus Entertainment

The following loglines were chosen as the top five (5) in the horror, thriller and mystery category and the logline selected as the best will move on to the semi-finals.



DANGEROUS AFFAIRS by Jace Serrano (feature) – When she’s blackmailed into conducting a targeted killing, the first female President must find a way to avoid the attack while keeping hidden her dark secret — a past affair with a suspected terrorist.

Impressions:  The conflict – therefore the drama – is apparent on the surface. It’s good enough that I’d probably request the script. But it also feels lengthier than it needs to be. There’s a way to really make it tight, so the concept grabs the reader…


THE ONES YOU LOVE by Thuan Dang (feature) – When a young boy witnesses his parents’ deaths but told the next day it was only a nightmare, he is fully convinced their bodies are being possessed by demons who have escaped from Hell.

Impressions:  Again, the conflict is apparent – nothing scarier than the people you think you know turning out to be something else… but there’s a few hiccups with this one – who tells him it was only a nightmare, the no-longer-dead parents? It’s a bit confusing – at least the opening line.


CYBER SNIPER by Andrew Oyé (feature) – Blinded by patriotism, a vigilante computer specialist leads cyber-orchestrated sniper attacks to exterminate “enemy sympathizers” before his son is remanded to military duty. Will his conscience (or the law) stop the trigger when his tactics lure unexpected targets— including his estranged daughter?

Impressions: This one needs to be pared down; there are too many words! It doesn’t immediately set up an external conflict (saving the son seems more internal), therefore it doesn’t necessarily make me want to request the script.


THE INTERVIEW by Julie Pedersen (feature) – On the night of a state execution, a conservative governor’s town hall interview to launch his presidential campaign is hijacked by an anonymous caller who has kidnapped the governor’s daughter and will kill her at midnight unless the death row inmate is released.

Impressions:   This one has potential as an attention grabber, but it’s slightly overlong (probably explains too much). Simply writing “On the night of a governor’s town hall interview to launch a presidential campaign, a mysterious caller claims to have the governor’s daughter… and will kill her by the meeting’s end unless his demands are met.”


NOTHING TO FEAR by Romona Robinson (feature) – An agoraphobic female soldier relocates to a remote home in the woods for treatment on the same weekend as a serial killer annual reunion.

Impressions: I have a lot of issues with this one. It raises a lot of questions without actually making the idea of reading the script an appealing proposition. 


BEST – Horror/Thriller/Mystery

  1. DANGEROUS AFFAIRS by Jace Serrano (feature)


The top horror/thriller/mystery logline moves on to the semi-finals to compete for one of two spaces in the final round.

Congratulations to Jace Serrano for winning the Horror/Thriller/Mystery Bracket in the 2015 Scripts & Scribes Logline Madness Contest!

Thanks to all who participated.


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