Scripts & Scribes – Logline Madness 2015

Comedy Bracket

-Round 2-

Judge:  Scott Carr, Management SGC

The following loglines were chosen as the top five (5) in the comedy category and the logline selected as the best will move on to the semi-finals.



THE AMERICAN ALIENS by Holt Hunziker (TV) – An alien family crashes into the St. Louis Arches during an emergency landing.  They are arrested for acts of terrorism and put on probation in lieu of prison and must find jobs to pay back restitution and court costs while Homeland Security tries to figure out a way to deport them.

Impressions:  Incredulous notion to me. First contact handled with utter absurdity. Too broad and ludicrous for my taste.


GARY SAVES THE WORLD AGAIN by Connie O’Donahue (feature) – The world’s biggest loser becomes the planet’s only hope when he is abducted by aliens and thrown into the intergalactic gladiator ring to battle for Earth’s survival.

Impressions: Contrived and silly. Trying too hard to be an underdog story of commercial proportions.


HAPPY HOUR by Rogan Brandt (feature) – Instead of the usual revelry, a Stepford couple, who routinely deceive each other, unknowingly go on the same hellish daycation with their respective cronies.

Impressions:  This makes no sense to me. I don’t know what it’s about from this obscure logline.


THE IDEOMOTOR PHENOMENON by Ashley Marie Ryan (feature) – Four college students film a séance in a haunted house for their production class, but they fail to make a connection with a spirit, however, the next day the strongest male falls ill and begins to sleepwalk one of the “signs of possession;” the friends become paranoid and are thrown into a whirlwind of paranormal investigator groups and Santeria rituals to cure him of what turns out to be a common cold.

Impressions:  What’s the tone of this? Horror? Comedy? I assume a comedy given it’s a comedy competition, but the logline doesn’t really make that clear. Also, the conceit doesn’t offer anything fresh or original, and reads like a hodgepodge of tired ideas (haunted house, séance, college student experience paranormal activity, possession).


PORN AGAIN KRISTEN by Tania Penn (TV) – After her televangelist husband is arrested for various felonies and their assets frozen, a born-again Christian and minister must return to her former life of porn to make ends meet.

Impressions:  I like this one. Nice irony to it, and makes way for organic uses of humor in a provocative yet relatable environment. This is my favorite – and frankly the only one I’d consider reading from this batch. Great title, too.


BEST – Comedy

  1. PORN AGAIN KRISTEN by Tania Penn (TV)


The top comedy logline moves on to the semi-finals to compete for one of two spaces in the final round.

Congratulations to Tania Penn for winning the Comedy Bracket in the 2015 Scripts & Scribes Logline Madness Contest!

Thanks to all who participated.


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