Ep 54 – Lee Jessup

Apr 2, 2014 by

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Top screenwriting coach, Lee Jessup explains what she does as a screenwriting coach, when a screenwriter should start seeking representation, which screenplay competitions she recommends, what habits successful screenwriters have, her favorite screenwriting resources and much more.

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  1. wrytermom

    Lee Jessup is a great interview – but mostly I wanted to say what a great interviewer Kevin is – he doesn’t waste time meandering around at the beginning, he asks what we want to know as nascent screenwriters and then allows the person to speak. A bright guy I can understand who doesn’t intrude himself on his subject but is still a presence. Nice job.

    Is it possible to interview a director on what they like in a script and in working with a screenwriter and what they don’t like? And – would an actor be willing to talk about what they like in a script and what they hate?


    • admin

      Thanks for the nice comment and compliment! We will definitely look into getting interviews with a director and actor or two as you presented some great topics to cover. Thanks for your input!