Twenty things you (probably) didn’t know about author, Jessica Therrien.

1.  My first job was… Sales Associate atVictoria’s Secret.

2.  If I wasn’t a writer, I would likely be… an actress.

3.  I collect… old family photos and things for my family tree.

4.  My favorite word is… wowzers. My favorite words tend to be the made up kind.

5.  I’m a big fan of… The Vampire Diaries. I know. I know. Don’t throw tomatoes…I still love vampires, okay?

6.  The single best piece of (writing related) advice I have ever gotten… go to a writers conference. It changed my life.

7.  I have always wanted to… learn to play the piano.

8.  The best thing I have ever read, (but did not write) is… Harry Potter. It made me fall in love with reading.

9.  People often tell me that I… have an old soul.

10.  I really think that my best work (published or not) is… Children of the Gods Book Two

11.  I find inspiration in… good music, great books, and amazing movies.

12.  The best thing about being a professional writer is… getting to stay in my PJs all day if I want to.

13.  I spend way too much time… watching T.V.

14.  The coolest person in my cell phone is… my husband.

15.  It really bothers me when… I’m feeling uninspired.

16.  The worst thing about being a professional writer is… deadlines.

17.  One mistake that most aspiring writers make is… they get attached to scenes that they love but that don’t necessarily drive the plot.

18.  If I knew the apocalypse were coming in 24 hours, I’d… spend it with family.

19.  The three websites I visit most often are… GoodReads. Facebook. Twitter.

20.  You’d be surprised to know that I… lived inTaipei,Taiwan for a year to learn Mandarin Chinese.



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