We are pleased to announce that we have begun scheduling and recording the first Scripts & Scribes podcasts featuring interviews with prominent writers from film, television, books and comics.

Upcoming Guests Include:

Adam Beechen – television writer “Ben 10”, “Rugrats” / comic book writer “Batman Beyond”, “Hench”

Amber Benson – actor “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” / author “How to be Death”, “Cat’s Claw” and the “Ghosts of Albion” series

Chuck Dixon – comic book writer “Batman”, “Punisher”, “Robin”

Sean Hood – screenwriter “Conan the Barbarian” (2011), “Halloween: Resurrection”, “The Crow: Wicked Prayer”

James Hudnall – comic book writer “Harsh Realm”, “Alpha Flight”, “ESPers”

Erik Larsen – comic book creator/writer/artist “Savage Dragon”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Wolverine”

Larry Marder – comic book creator “Tales of the Beanworld” and former Executive Director of Image Comics

… with more to come!

Scripts & Scribes interviews will be posted shortly.  Stay tuned.  Or better yes, “LIKE” us on Facebook and/or “Follow” us on Twitter to keep informed of all the latest updates and interviews.


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